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Mottainai もったいない is the ancient Japanese concept that says any waste is regretful.  It is used as an exclamation, Mottainai! meaning What a waste! Don’t waste! At its root is the word Mottai, which is the respect of something material, something made by man.

We knew how to make the best boardbags, but we wanted to make them environmentally smarter.  We wanted to take the vintage relics from our own surf culture and return them back to the beach!  By sourcing vintage wetsuits from all over the U.S.A. we were able to recycle and respect their best parts to create truly one-of-a-kind bags.




In the 90’s Shaun was one the top groms (young surfers) in the nation.  An aggressive surfer with countless contest wins, he earned a place on the prestigious N.S.S.A National Team in 1994.  After enjoying years of sponsorships and travel, he took to college instead of the professional surf tour.  Always a surfer, Shaun now lives and surfs in NYC.



Technical Consultant/Photographer

A real life fashion designer by day; in her free time she takes that same gift for aesthetic to create art.  As technical consultant, she distills and synthesizes Shaun’s 30 years of surf product knowledge to create real-world adaptations for Mottai.  All of the surf photography here is exclusively hers. @astridmakes

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